Make 10 DIY concrete incense holders for under $20. Alternative bachelorette party favors, birthday presents, or just an unusual and handmade gift idea.

DIY Concrete Incense Holders

All the cool kids are decorating with concrete. It’s a dope material, tough and durable, and heavy as hell. Concrete is gorgeous because of all its crack and crevices and color variations. It means business and looks both super industrial and ultra modern/minimalist all at once. Have I convinced you yet? Then stick with me and learn how to make your own concrete incense holders. Continue reading “DIY Concrete Incense Holders”

Make a set of Perler Disney Princess magnets for the fridge, including patterns for Belle, Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Elsa, and Merida

Perler Beads Disney Princess Patterns

Perler beads are the best. I remember playing with them in my youth, but only in rare spurts. I mostly remember having a couple Chicago Bulls “coasters” made with Perler beads. Fortunately, my sister took it upon herself to rediscover Perler and has helped ignite in me a fresh love for the craft. This Christmas I decided to craft for a friend a set of Perler Disney Princess magnets for the fridge. Continue reading “Perler Beads Disney Princess Patterns”