Comparing Dr. Pepper as a cocktail ingredient in the three classic drinks that feature Coca-Cola in their recipes. How does DP fare in Dr Pepper cocktails?

Dr Pepper Cocktails

I often refer to myself as an “almost-native” Texan or Austinite. I love this distinction because we moved here when I was less than a year old, and I still live here. In fact, I’ve only spent a little over a year away from Austin. (Grad school in London, so sue me.) And as a good Texan, I have a certain affinity for Dr. Pepper. I never sported the “I’m a Pepper!” gear, but I always welcome a cold glass of the stuff on a steamy summer day. Now as a proud amateur mixologist, I’ve noticed a few great cocktails that feature Coke. Yes, Coca-Cola, the American classic. But I thought it was time to put DP to the test and see if there were some Dr Pepper cocktails worth their salt.  Continue reading “Dr Pepper Cocktails”

Bone broth + classic throat remedy ingredients and a little spice build in flavor for this hearty broth/tincture guaranteed to help you feel better.

Feel Better Broth

Boy, the mid-winter germs are out in full force! Even though it has been like 80 degrees almost every day this month, cold and sniffle season is heating up all the same. Almost everybody I know, from family to work, has gotten some kind of illness in the past few weeks. It finally hit me this week. I went to a ladies basketball game (Go Ladyhorns!) on Monday night and screamed my heart out (especially for the dancing dogs at halftime). When I woke up on Tuesday my throat was killing me. I chaulked it up to yelling, but by Wednesday night I was still in so much pain that I had to listen to my body. Poor body was sick. And when I’m sick, I go for my tried and true “feel better broth.” Somewhere between a tincture and a soup, this elixir soothes my throat and helps me rest so my body can recover. Continue reading “Feel Better Broth”