From the obvious to the surprising, these 5 second-trimester headache remedies will help cure what ails you and get your second trimester back to awesome!

Second Trimester Headache Remedies

Okay, I kiiiinda feel like I was sold a bill of goods with this second-trimester thing. “It’s the best!” “The honeymoon period of your pregnancy!” “You won’t even know you’re pregnant!” (1) No, (2) LOL, (3) Yeah, and those days terrify me. My second trimester has been a rollercoaster of back pain, surprise acne, more morning sickness and constipation (sorrynotsorry), oh yeah, and persistent throbbing headaches. Yay? The good news is: I now have the answers for solving and resolving the most difficult of these — the dreaded second-trimester headache. I’ve tried everything and collected the Best Of below. Continue reading “Second Trimester Headache Remedies”

Surprise! ModCloth kills it with their ~MYSTERY~ deals every season. See what showed up as my Stylish Surprise accessory and apparel items for Spring 2017!

ModCloth Stylish Surprise Review

Remember when I got that KWAZY sample box from Influenster and wrote about everything inside? Yeah so that was a blast and I wanted to do it some more. This is a bit less fun since I had to pay for my ~STYLISH SURPRISE~ items using my own money (rather than getting them gratis to review) but whatever. I have been ordering stuff from ModCloth’s mystery sales for as long as I can remember. I’m SUCH a sucker for a mystery anything. This goes way back — remember white Airheads?! MY REASON FOR LIVING IN 4TH GRADE.

Normally I’m one of the first weirdos to get to ModCloth’s Stylish Surprise page and I get one of everything, thankyouverymuch. But I’ve been burned before! Continue reading “ModCloth Stylish Surprise Review”

My hot take on the products Influenster included in my Fierce box. Samples were free but all opinions are mine. (This should be very obvious #sass.)

Influenster FIERCE VoxBox Review

Hai! (Oh, and Happy St. Valentine’s Day!!) So, I’m trying something new here. I signed up for Influenster because free stuff is cool and I thought I’d give it a go. Since I would like to have “SHE HAD OPINIONS” engraved on my tombstone, it was easy to get excited about writing reviews for a bajillion products. (Especially if I get to try things for free!) So when I was selected for my first Voxbox full of goodies, I was extremely stoked. Continue reading “Influenster FIERCE VoxBox Review”

Please enjoy this tour of what Drunk Claire (or maybe Questionable Judgement Claire) has bought from Amazon, ranked from least to most ridiculous.

Ridiculous Shit I’ve Bought on Amazon

You may be asking yourself, what ridiculous shit could Claire have possibly bought on Amazon?! Oh, friends. You are giving me too much credit. Haven’t we all, amidst a buzzed haze, opened the Amazon app on our phones and made some questionable purchases? Haven’t we all, days later, opened an Amazon box left on our porch with wonder in our eyes, curious to see what our drunk self may have bought?

Just me? Okay, cool. Well then please enjoy this tour of what Drunk Claire (or maybe just Sober But With Questionable Judgement Claire) has bought from Amazon, ranked in order of ridiculousness. Continue reading “Ridiculous Shit I’ve Bought on Amazon”