Blue Apron Box Review: Vietnamese Meatballs, Shrimp Dumplings, Sauteed Chicken

Blue Apron Review: Dumplings & Meatballs & Chicken — Oh my!

It’s been kind of a bonkers few weeks in our house: we were supposed to leave for Orlando last Saturday and had a wedding to attend last Friday afternoon and all kinds of evening commitments in between. The craziness peaked on Wednesday morning when in a fit of temporary election-induced insanity I canceled our trip to Orlando and instead booked a trip to Maui. Continue reading “Blue Apron Review: Dumplings & Meatballs & Chicken — Oh my!”

What are we eating?

I started meal planning about a year ago, except not really meal planning in the meal-prep, fancy-smart traditional sense. More like meal planning where I pick out recipes and try to have leftover ingredients work into other meals and make sure we have enough food for lunches but not so much that anything goes to waste. So, more like responsible survival / fuel-planning, but I’ll go ahead can call it meal planning all the same, thanks. Continue reading “What are we eating?”