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My Hot Take

If you love a good cocktail, have been known to occasionally get in over your head on an ambitious craft or DIY project, give a shit about what you eat, and generally roll your eyes at the concept of mommy bloggers, you’ll fit right in here. Double that if you enjoy a good swear or two.

I started this blog because I…

  • am a writer by trade but wanted to write more about my interests and less about technical things,
  • love making cocktails and crafts and wanted to share my ideas with others who might enjoy them, and
  • think that the blogosphere could benefit from a dose of #realtalk from a normal like me.

Agree? Sweet! Carry on then.

My Story

I’ve been proud enough to call Austin, Texas, home for almost my entire life. After graduating from film school, I moved to London to complete my Master’s and write my dream dissertation (on Gossip Girl, natch.) Being in the ~BIG BRITISH CITY~ gave me an extra dose of scrappiness, some novel ways to cuss, and a newfound appreciation for drinking.

I brought all that home and started a life back in the city I grew up in, this time on my own terms. My husband (a designer by trade — lol we are words and pictures!!1) and I bought a house together in East Austin in 2016 and I’ve been slowly making it look and feel like “ours”. It’s fun but only a footnote of what I’m about.

What I’m about is giving a shitton of snuggles to my little dog, Penny, making up new drinks and learning how to be a better home bartender, reviewing recipes and recipe kits bc I can’t cook for shit, and scheming up DIY craft projects that make our home more beautiful. In between all that, I obsess over PLL & Riverdale, try to keep our diet paleo-ish and worship at the joint altars of barre & megaformer pilates 4x/week.

Oh yeah?? Well, what else have you done?

Great question. I wrote previously for The Muse on subjects ranging from health insurance to food bloggers and Black Friday deals. Riveting shit!

I gave a solo presentation at SXSW Interactive 2015 based on my event planning work for civic and tech leaders. It was fucking terrifying and I snuck a shot of bourbon into the green room by using our Food Saver to create a make-shift, single-use flask. True story!

Most recently, I wrote and edited pieces for Velma, Austin’s first and only women-in-tech magazine. I was even on the cover of the Money issue! What’s uppppp.

So, yeah. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember but it’s pretty cool to do it for you, here, about funny crafty shit and yummy things that might get you a little buzzed.

Cool! Let’s Jam…

Drop me a line! I’d love to hear from you and maybe we can make fun of each other a little bit. Who knows! I’m not a fortune teller.

Oh yeah, one more thing:

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