DIY Color Blocked Basket Storage - a $5 or less craft to class up your home and storage!

DIY Color Blocked Basket Storage

I’m in the middle of one of those weekends where you’re just itchy to do something. It’s nice-ish out, but I don’t have any outside plans and frankly, I feel more like being productive than luxuriating in springtime. So I’ve decided to focus that energy and actually make something! Something easy and quick, but that will give me a beautiful new bit of storage for my helter-skelter craft life.

Yesterday I went consignment shopping with my best friend, Melissa, because that’s just a great way to spend an afternoon. She cleaned up and got a new gorgeous dresser and some funky art for her house. I didn’t do quite as well, but I did find a great little basket for only $2 that looked about the perfect size to store my Perler beads and all the yarn I’m currently neglecting. 

DIY Color Block Basket Storage

What a great basket, right?! I think it was probably a fancy gift basket at one point, full of like Bath & Body Works shower gel and maybe a weird stuffed animal shoved into a mug. And some expensive popcorn that’s definitely stale. Anyways, $2 was the right price to pay and I knew I could turn it from “good lines but a little blah” into something sharp and stylish in no time flat.

Color blocked basket inspo

Listen, I’m no dummy. I pay attention and I’ve seen color blocking EVE-RY-WHERE (that looks weird but sounds right) lately. Swimsuits? Color blocked. Candles? Color blocked. Hell, I won’t be surprised if the next trend is to color block your body and only apply sunscreen to the top half. Whatever. But I vastly prefer this trend to dip dyeing (ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww) and am happy to find a way to incorporate it into my home decor.

HOWEVER. I will absolutely not be spending $30 – $50 to do so. Check out these pretties for a sense of what I was going for (and, spoiler alert: ultimately achieved):

DIY Color Blocked Basket Storage
Inspiration from Nordstrom ($50), Terrain ($??), and Bloomingdales ($46), respectively.

Like, yes. Super pretty and functional to boot. But lol at paying that much for actual wicker and paint. People are literally giving away baskets! This was a no-brainer to DIY and all I needed was some paint, tape, and a brush.


Um, yeah I guess I went over this already but the materials list for this was outrageously, hilariously, super simple. In fact, I knocked this out in between doing some more concrete incense holders because that whole process has a lot of built-in waiting. 

  • Basket – $2
  • White acrylic paint – $3 (except I used way less than half of this!)
  • Small paint brush (had one on hand)
  • Masking tape (ditto)

That’s it. That’s literally it, y’all.

DIY Color Blocked Basket Storage materials

You could more than likely go right now to Goodwill, find a decent enough basket, and do this project with everything else already in your home. This DIY project is the craft equivalent of those recipes that are like, “Nothing in the Fridge Dinner!” or “Pantry Staples Only Dessert!” Revel in its ridiculous ease and just say yes to color blocked basket crafting.

The “Process”

I almost feel bad writing this out. You know what to do here. Step one (such as it is): tape a clean line with the masking tape around the basket. Okay, maybe I’m being a little hard on myself. This was a bit tough because you have to (a) get the line straight, and (b) get the tape to stick to a not-flat surface. I had to adjust a few times here, but I can say that using a single long piece of tape helped immensely at keeping things straight and honest.

GUESS WHAT THE NEXT STEP IS! ANYONE?? Yeap, painting. You do want to use a little brush here so that you can get inside every little crack and crevice and around the actual raffia or whatever baskets are basketed from. (<<<< I am definitely a professional basket-talk-abouter.)  It’s a little slow going, but not too bad because you can see the results pretty much immediately, which is satisfying even if you aren’t patience-challenged like myself.

DIY Color Blocked Basket Storage

DIY Color Blocked Basket Storage
Up close and personal.

I did, and you’ll want to do, two coats of paint, especially if you are going for this white color blocked basket ~lewk. Even a heavy coat of white paint will let some of the original basketiness (real word, shut up auto-correct) show through. Plus, it really doesn’t take that long and the paint dries quick so just change your posture a little bit to alleviate that weird part of your butt that’s going numb and slap on a second coat.

Cool, so once that second coat of paint is dry, just take the tape off and you’re done!

Now fill it up with your crap

I mean just kidding! I’m sure you have really awesome stuff to store, beautiful things like artisanal Butterfingers or vintage mittens. I put my flat tackle boxes of Perler beads in the bottom then topped it with all the yarn I’m not knitting with (wherpsie!) so that at least I can see them more easily. And of course I put it on my bookshelf below all our games because it’s the most important part of our house. (Just kidding, Bed. Love you, Bed.)

DIY Color Blocked Basket Storage - a $5 or less craft to class up your home and storage!
Everything in its place.

Maybe I’ll do another one to complement this guy next time I have $5 and an hour to kill, because I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. Maybe now you’re inspired to do the same! 

DIY Color Blocked Basket Storage - a $5 or less weekend craft to class up your home and storage!
DIY Color Blocked Basket Storage – a $5 or less weekend craft to class up your home and storage!