Surprise! ModCloth kills it with their ~MYSTERY~ deals every season. See what showed up as my Stylish Surprise accessory and apparel items for Spring 2017!

ModCloth Stylish Surprise Review

Remember when I got that KWAZY sample box from Influenster and wrote about everything inside? Yeah so that was a blast and I wanted to do it some more. This is a bit less fun since I had to pay for my ~STYLISH SURPRISE~ items using my own money (rather than getting them gratis to review) but whatever. I have been ordering stuff from ModCloth’s mystery sales for as long as I can remember. I’m SUCH a sucker for a mystery anything. This goes way back — remember white Airheads?! MY REASON FOR LIVING IN 4TH GRADE.

Normally I’m one of the first weirdos to get to ModCloth’s Stylish Surprise page and I get one of everything, thankyouverymuch. But I’ve been burned before! I once got this absolutely bizarre black and hot pink tweed skirt that was entirely too Avril for 26-year-old-me. I also learned the hard way that my feet are unpredictable (or their shoes are unpredictable?) and dropping even $10 on mystery shoes is a bad call. One of the BEST surprises I’ve got from ModCloth was a dress, but unfortch this year I need to save my dress budget for something I can try on. I’ve got a wedding to attend in June, so I’m being “RESPONSIBLE” until then.

Anyway, I’m all about jumping on the Stylish Surprise. Imagine my surprise this year when I got to the link TWO WHOLE HOURS AFTER IT HAD POSTED TO FACEBOOK!

omg gurl no

I know! I’m pretty embarrassed to have been so late to the game. So the good news is that I was “only” two hours late, but the bad news is that they had a new category this year! Home stuff! And I missed it!!!!! Hard to believe, but it had sold out completely in the two hours it took me to discover it. And that sucks so I’m gonna go cry about it for a few days brb.

What’s in the box?! WHAT’S IN THE BOX!

So now that I’m in therapy over missing out on an “Apartment” stylish surprise, I grabbed an $15 XS from the “general” apparel category and a $5 surprise from the new Jewelry category and got out. Yes, of course. I felt tempted to pick up enough clearance stuff to get me to that $75 free shipping mark, but I resisted the siren’s call. It’s true that I don’t have great judgment usually when I’m just trying to buy enough for free shipping. I think I was just mourning the Apartment loss so hard that such sober decisions were possible.

Thank God these babies shipped out the next day (Wednesday) and arrived the following Tuesday. ModCloth boxes are so stinkin’ cute. We have their first flagship store right across from my office and I go there all the time, but tbh I don’t ever buy things there. I’d rather buy them online and get the treat of opening them up.

ModCloth Stylish Surprise Box Opening

Well, maybe I should clarify. In the past, they’ve been cute, little, patterned boxes. What arrived at my door was an unmarked, sad brown box with stuff unceremoniously tossed inside. HAS THE WAL-MART ACQUISITION BEGUN TO TAKE ITS TOLL ALREADY?! Maybe yes.

Anyway, it was a sad box but I opened it anyway and there were two things within, as expected.

ModCloth Stylish Surprise Box Opening
TBH I started worrying the second I saw that elastic… thing…

Statement Necklace: Neckl-ACE!

ModCloth Stylish Surprise Spring 2017 Accessory
So far, so good!

Surprising probably no one, my fashion/accessory style is extremely minimal. Fancy studs are honestly too much “look” for me most of the time. So suffice to say that I don’t have a great many STATEMENT necklaces for ~fancy occasions. But fancy occasions happen! With increasing regularity, it turns out, as I get older! That’s why I was actually delighted to find this tasteful, “quiet” statement necklace as my Stylish Surprise accessory. This is easily worth WAY more than $5 and frankly, I can’t wait to wear it to the aforementioned wedding in June. In fact, I think I’ll shop for a dress with this in mind and make sure it all works together, bc this is gorg and deserves some love.

Well done, ModCloth in sending me a VERY acceptable and adorable necklace!

Disco Romper: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

ModCloth Stylish Surprise Spring 2017 Apparel
Wait, what year is it?! WHEN AM I?!

So…. let’s talk about the “apparel” item. I’m relatively adventurous when it comes to most fashion. It may take me a while, but I’ll try almost any fad style, at least to see if it works on my frame. Last year, when ModCloth had a pop-up shop on the ground floor of my office building, I even took advantage of their free stylist appointments. As uncomfortable as it was, I let her dress me up and tried on a number of …unusual… looks. One of them that I fell in love with is actually a 3/4 sleeve, collared, shorts-length romper in a plum floral print. It looks killer on and is crazy comfortable, but I would never have DARED pull it off the rack for myself. A pleasant surprise!

All that to say: I’ll give rompers a chance. But this romper… this high-waisted, polka dot, full-length romper is a different story. First of all, it is long. Like, SUPER long. I don’t know what human has legs this length but I fear her. Plus the fabric is basically see-through and the top ruffle makes my boobs look scared. It’s a bit of a disaster on and I’m 100% going to trip in it. But whatever, I’m determined to get my “money’s” worth and will hem it up with superglue and wear it to at least one day-drinking outing this spring. Why? Bc I’m no quitter, and bc every romper must have its day.

ModCloth: 2; Claire: 1.

Ultimately, ModCloth wins because it got $15 of my dollars (plus shipping) that I wouldn’t have otherwise spent (romper) AND moved some weirdo merchandise. I win a little bit, too, bc that necklace is A++ and now I don’t have to do the work of picking out a necklace for my next million fancy occasions.

So you win this time, ModCloth! But ILY and I’ll see you at the next Stylish Surprise with cash in hand.