Paleo Cake Smoothie - A creamy and delicious paleo cake smoothie that will satisfy your cravings for cake and ice cream using Whole30 compliant ingredients!

Paleo Cake Smoothie

Y’all. I’ve had a tough week. Well, really I had a tough Thursday morning last week and everything since is just fallout. Suffice to say I found myself in need of some real comfort food but I didn’t want to break my Whole 30. This is why I let myself “bend” my Whole 30 and give in to the need for a comforting milkshake (a cake smoothie, to be exact) to soothe my wounded body.

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The process, takeaways, and lessons learned from having a contractor build a deck and pergola.

We Built a Deck: Lessons Learned

Okay, we didn’t build it. That would be sheer lunacy. But we hired a contractor who had various crews work to bring our design and vision to life. It has been the hardest/longest project I could imagine, and I didn’t even lift a finger. So here is an abbreviated version of the process of having a contractor build your deck, with some major takeaways. Continue reading “We Built a Deck: Lessons Learned”

Please enjoy this tour of what Drunk Claire (or maybe Questionable Judgement Claire) has bought from Amazon, ranked from least to most ridiculous.

Ridiculous Shit I’ve Bought on Amazon

You may be asking yourself, what ridiculous shit could Claire have possibly bought on Amazon?! Oh, friends. You are giving me too much credit. Haven’t we all, amidst a buzzed haze, opened the Amazon app on our phones and made some questionable purchases? Haven’t we all, days later, opened an Amazon box left on our porch with wonder in our eyes, curious to see what our drunk self may have bought?

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A Whole30 and paleo kale salad with blueberries, pepitas, and coconut.

Whole30 Kale Salad with Coconut & Blueberries

Hello, January! Hello, feeling great again! We have been planning this January round of Whole30 since last September. Knowing that it was coming, we really indulged around Christmas. Cookies for breakfast, beers at noon, sure! Do it all! That was fun, and it was neat to eat and drink whatever, but boy, were we ready for January 2 to start fresh. One of the first things I wanted to make was my favorite Whole30 kale salad, a yummy fun dish with blueberries, coconut, and pepitas! Continue reading “Whole30 Kale Salad with Coconut & Blueberries”

The down-and-dirty details of the "before" turning our master bath into an urban industrial spa.

Industrial Spa Bathroom Makeover: Part 1 – Planning

We moved into our (new) house last March after seeing it in January and falling in love. It was almost absolutely perfect for us! The location, the size, the layout, and most of the finish-out. We had a short punch list of items that we wanted to do on the house to make it really perfect before we added to our family. Continue reading “Industrial Spa Bathroom Makeover: Part 1 – Planning”