What are we eating?

I started meal planning about a year ago, except not really meal planning in the meal-prep, fancy-smart traditional sense. More like meal planning where I pick out recipes and try to have leftover ingredients work into other meals and make sure we have enough food for lunches but not so much that anything goes to waste. So, more like responsible survival / fuel-planning, but I’ll go ahead can call it meal planning all the same, thanks.

I do all the planning (and usually the shopping), and my husband takes care of the cooking, which is AWESOME. I only want to cook as a hobby, not as a necessity, so the fact that cooking relaxes him is dooooope. He just relies on me to send him the plan every week with links to recipes and the daily breakout of what to make when.

This week is a good one:

Saturday: slow cooker apricot chicken curry
Sunday: paleo pumpkin coffee cake, apple cider sweet potato quinoa bowl (+ add bacon)
Monday: brussels sprouts / pomegranate / sweet potato noodle bowl (+ add bacon)
Tuesday: egg roll in a bowl + cauliflower rice
Wednesday: shrimp sausage skillet
Thursday: steak, brussels sprouts, and crispy kale
Friday: leftovers / swing meal

I’m doing unlimited classes at Pure Pilates this month (because abs!) which makes evening meals a little awkward when I’m not home until 8:30, but E is a peach and aims to have dinner hot and ready when I get home. We always eat together (breakfast and dinner), which is something I’m grateful for as I believe the simple act of eating together is an important aspect¬†in staying connected.

Here’s my scorecard for the new recipes we’ve tried this week:

Slow-cooker apricot chicken curry — A++, would do business again. Couldn’t find apricots (srsly wuts up) so doubled up on dried and it was fabulous. Felt v grateful for my Vitamix when making the sauce. This has made wonderful leftovers, too.

Paleo pumpkin coffee cake — Yumazing. A little denser than pictures; maybe up the flour a little? I don’t understand baking, but it was good. Could eat the crumble topping with a spoon all day.

Paleo Pumpkin Coffee Cake - paleo baking recipes are my favorites.
Just look at that gorgeous crumble!

Apple cider sweet potato quinoa bowl — Shutup. I added bacon to this, because it needed a protein and of course I did, and it made all the difference. Also, the dressing on this is incredible, and I just put it on some kale for my lunch. POWER BOWLS ALL DAY.

Brussels sprouts / pomegranate / sweet potato noodle bowl — Big league. My friend Melissa joined us for dinner (and hangs, and doggy playtime) last night and it was fortuitous that this perfectly served three. My spiralizer ripped through the sweet potatoes for the prettiest “noodles” that had an amazing texture. We cooked the brussels in leftover bacon fat, and the whole dish had a very “light” but satisfying feel to it. This was the winner of the week as far as new recipes go, so it gets the feature picture up top.

Going with tried-and-true recipes for the rest of the week; not that I’m complaining!


  1. Photos are gorgeous and I want to put all of these recipes in my belly.

  2. These recipes are fantastic! I’ll certainly try these! Thank you so much for sharing!

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