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Weekend Watercolor Pumpkin Painting

How was your weekend? I spent mine in a perfect balance of social time and arts ‘n’ crafts. I worked on our Halloween costumes, the dresser refinishing project, and made a watercolor pumpkin in between drinks with friends!

On Saturday, we went to the Honey Festival at Texas Keeper Cider, which was a wonderful way to soak up an autumn day. There were several food vendors featuring dishes that incorporated honey, some gorgeous hive-themed jewelry to peruse, special honey ice cream toppings from our friends at Spun, and more types of mead than I’ve ever seen in one place before. My favorite pour was the Austin Keeper Discovery Hive, which was a blend of honey wine and cider from their apples. A close second was the spectacular Rohan Meadery honey wine. It captured all the floral qualities of honey without the traditional syrupy sweetness of mead.

After we got home from the cidery, which was a bit of a drive into the less-traveled hill country, we met up with some friends at Oktoberfest at our neighborhood bar to participate in some hammerschlagen. We have been doing Oktoberfest there for the last three years, and it’s a can’t-miss event for us. We performed extremely poorly, but the schlag is a tradition so what matters is that we tried!

oatmeal craisin cookies

Sunday called for some baking in preparation for our street’s block party, and I opted to make some oatmeal “craisin” cookies for the more health-minded sweet toothed. I followed AllRecipes exactly, except for swapping out dried cranberries for raisins. They turned out gorgeously. Kids at the block party went nuts for them, which feels like the ultimate stamp of approval. Highly recommend, especially with a glass of coconut milk!

painted pumpkins
Lots of character in these pumpkins.

Met up with some friends on Sunday afternoon and made my watercolor pumpkin beauty. They worked on real pumpkins but I opted for a papier mache one that I could keep forever. I found my pumpkin for 60% off at JoAnn and was delighted with the size and shape.

To get the watercolor looking right, I started with a base coat in a complimentary almost-white shade of blue. Before that had entirely dried, I mixed some teal paint into my tray of water and started sponging the watery mix onto the pumpkin. I was surprised how much focus was required to stay mindful of drips and swirls across the pumpkin bumps!

Allowing the first coat 5 minutes to dry, IĀ repeated the process with the dark blue paint. I overlapped some of the teal for maximum watercolor impact. I love how my watercolor pumpkin turned out. And of course, I think I’ll make more once the craft pumpkins go on sale in November!

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