Eleven from Stranger Things & her Scare-Bro

Stranger Things Eleven Costume & Halloween

The first Halloween I spent with my husband was a strange one. After years of L-O-V-I-N-G Halloween, celebrating the holiday with someone who wasn’t into it at all should have posed a challenge. However, I was dealing with some medical stuff at the time and having fresh biopsy stitches and a lot of unknown does not make for much holiday cheer. Eric sent Halloween M&M’d Tiff’s Treats to me at work that day, and we went to a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant for dinner then bought new pajamas at Target. Atypical, but a good Halloween memory all the same.

From there, we slowly amped up the Halloweeniness. The next year we still didn’t do costumes, but we handed out candy with friends. The following Halloween Eric traveled to Florida (to tell his parents we were engaged!), and I dressed up as a Dio de Los Muertos sugar skull. And last year we finally both wore costumes to hand out candy: Eric had a Chewbacca hoodie, and I went as Kung Fu Panda.

Happy Wookie, Happy Panda
“Not Chewbacca” and his Panda Wife
wookie and kung fu panda
Crazy Wookie, Sassy Panda

This year we had a legitimate party to go to, as well as a fun pre-Halloween 21+ event at the local children’s museum (i kno rite), so we finally both got our costume games ON.

We aspired to have mash-up costumes this year. We came up with Eric’s easily: a Scare-Bro. He donned traditional bro attire with some broom hay hot glued to the sleeves and I painted his face. I, on the other hand, went with something less punny but still delightful — Pizza Princess.

Scare-bro & Pizza Princess
Scare-bro & Pizza Princess

In essence, my costume is just a child’s pizza outfit that I be-glittered, plus a crown. But conceptually I feel it’s much more than the sum of its parts.

Pizza + crown = $30 from Savers. Glitter = $5 from Michaels. Pizza Princess? Priceless.

I went the extra mile and glittered up the crown as well. I even put some brown puff paint in the open holes so it would be a little less delicate and more suggestive of meatballs? Sure. Don’t question the Pizza Princess.

For work, I was HONORED to be asked to join a group doing the cast of Stranger Things as Eleven. I had Amazon send me their cheapest blonde wig because I can’t go bald-headed. I found tube-ish socks at Target on clearance and used leftover makeup from Eric’s costume for my nosebleed. My coworker sewed my dress together from a shirt and dress she found at a thrift store. Finally, I picked up some Eggos for good measure. Altogether, I had a smash hit with my Stranger Things Eleven costume!

Stranger Things Eleven Costume
Does this nosebleed make me look fat?

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