Let’s get it started.

After about ten minutes’ deliberation, mostly around what the name should be and done with my besties via Slack and Gchat, I have decided to start this blog. Obviously.

Why? Because I miss writing and I don’t even do it that much at work… where I am a writer. I know.

But also because I’m 28 and trying to do more with my life than workout and watch TV and eat the delicious food my husband makes for me. Because in my spare time I also knit, sew, think about refinishing furniture, meal plan, decorate, make cocktails and cocktail accouterments, and criticize television, and I feel like those activities could probably benefit from some documentation.

So here we are, fresh on a Monday after a divine weekend spent in the Texas hill country at Treaty Oak distillery and in town at Infinite Monkey Theorem winery (pictured above) and watching Gossip Girl (with the husband, for the first time) and Gilmore Girls (while knitting, alone).

And here we go.