cocktail bitters

All My Cocktail Bitters, Ranked

As a mixology hobbyist, I’ve accumulated a lot of bitters over the years. They’re relatively inexpensive but can provide big flavor and up the caliber of your home bar. While most classic cocktail recipes call for classic bitters (chiefly Angostura and Peychauds), the booming domestic bartending trend has granted us with a plethora of fanciful new bitters flavors to play with at home. Continue reading “All My Cocktail Bitters, Ranked”

Works in Progress

Naturally, I started this blog with the hope of capturing all my wildly wonderful home projects and making you positively emerald with envy.

I’m not particularly handy, but I am damn stubborn and relatively frugal, which tends to result in risky DIY activities at a regular cadence. Continue reading “Works in Progress”

What are we eating?

I started meal planning about a year ago, except not really meal planning in the meal-prep, fancy-smart traditional sense. More like meal planning where I pick out recipes and try to have leftover ingredients work into other meals and make sure we have enough food for lunches but not so much that anything goes to waste. So, more like responsible survival / fuel-planning, but I’ll go ahead can call it meal planning all the same, thanks. Continue reading “What are we eating?”